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Concord, NH



Ms. Jeanie L. Holt, MS, MPH


I describe myself as a “governance geek.” I have been involved in the governance of local, state, and national non-profit associations throughout my adult life but for more than a decade now I have been focused in public health. I have served on the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Public Health Association (NHPHA) for more than 10 years including two years as president. I have also been the NHPHA Affiliate Representative to the Governing Council of APHA. I served on the APHA Council of Affiliates as the Region 1 Representative, then as Secretary, Chair-Elect, Chair and (of course) Immediate Past Chair. In November, 2018, the APHA Governing Council elected me to a 4-year term on the Executive Board where I am on the Governance, Strategic Implementation, and Personnel Committees.

During my year as CoA Chair (2017), I began to work extensively with affiliated public health associations to ensure that PHAs have strong strategic work plans which align with the core strategies of APHA’s strategic plan. As of January, 2019, I had facilitated strategic planning with 9 affiliates.

I retired from a career as a public health nurse in 2011. For nearly 10 years, I directed a CDC grant to create and test community interventions to prevent diabetes in Latino communities in Southern New Hampshire. I also spent some time working for her local health department in immunizations organizing school-based flu immunization programs and creating educational materials to teach parents about the importance of getting vaccinated against whooping cough.