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Lorne Carroll

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Lorne Carroll grew up south of Kansas City, Missouri, and spent much of his childhood riding his bike on gravel roads, exploring the woods, and spending chunks of summer on his grandparents’ farm.  Rural life set the stage for his connection to natural surroundings, family, neighbors, and friends.  He started his professional healthcare journey in 1997 as a Firefighter/EMT, then entered Public Health Nursing in 2004 after receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 2002.  After a stent of international travel and home remodeling in Kansas City he settled into his first Public Health Nursing position with the Kansas City Health Department in Missouri.  While not born in Alaska he arrived as soon as he could in 2009.  Thanks to a job offer from Norton Sound Health Corporation Lorne settled back into patterns of connection with neighbors, friends, and the natural environment as a Tuberculosis Nurse Consultant for the Tribal healthcare system.  For several years he lived 13 miles north of Nome, Alaska, in a small cabin without running water or electricity near Bear Mountain.  These days you can find Lorne in Homer working as a Public Health Nurse for the State of Alaska or just outside of Homer walking the 1.6-mile trail into his cabin where he lives with Toots (his cat).  He is a Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Fellow in the Master of Public Health Program.  Lorne is particularly motivated to learn more about how things like a zip code and the natural surrounding might pave the way for individuals, families, and communities to reach their full potential.

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